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Revamp In is a modern era educational platform determined to revamp the mindset & financial IQ of common man by creating awareness about how to achieve financial freedom, by correcting the cognitive blueprint and by teaching how to leverage time, effort & capital. Amongst the diverse sectors of education, financial learning is crucial. Thus we at Revamp In have embarked upon this endeavour of paramount prominence. Revampers firmly believe that “Success is not about making money. It is about making the man who will by default make money.”

Our Mission

To create a global learning ecosystem that will provide exposure to an individual in various fields like - Financial Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, People Management, Success Mindset and many more that are imperative to establish multiple sources of income and eventually attain financial freedom.

Our Vision

"To revamp an individual to achieve financial freedom through heuristic learning and holistic development."

Our Courses

“Our Signature Course 'Learn to Earn' is a powerful step-by-step training process which will walk you through & through to financial betterment & holistic development. Coalesced with the uniqueness of practical exposure through a heuristic approach, these modules offer deep insights in each session delivered in-class physically & online digitally. The course is flexible & can be tailor-made to your interests with dynamic selection of modules and bonus sessions.”


Arguably the most cardinal three-letter word, ‘WHY’ is central to any thought and action! Why is not just a reason, it is the purpose. Do you have dreams & goals? Find your ulterior motives and start revamping yourself with this foundational module.

Success Mindset

Without a proper mindset it is impossible to attain anything in life. Success Mindset is a much needed trait to come out victorious. In this module, you will discover the various bugs implanted in your mind since your childhood and overcome them through development of powerful thought process.


It is a well known fact that businesses shape the growth of a country. Yet, there is hesitency in starting a business because of unfamiliarity with the actual world of business. This module will equip you with the fundamentals of business, expose you to the different kinds of businesses, and what it takes to establish a business and much more.


Wise investments have always proven to set one financially free by letting money work for oneself. With comprehensive sessions on various types of investments & financial instruments, coupled with live Stock Market Trading, this crucial module from Revamp In will distinguish you from the ordinary. Acquire the know-how to become a better investor. Invest in Yourself to yield the best RoI!

Self Healing

Heal yourself with our unique techniques & practices that shall transform you in & out. With the age-old adage "Health is Wealth", this unique module imparts you with natural healing techniques like Acupressure, Acupuncture, Color Therapy, Moxibustion, NLP & Seed Therapy.

The Secret

Sssshhhh!! The Secret is a secret! Learn how to program your conscious & subconscious mind to channelize your energy from imagination to manifestation based on the philosophy & science of Law of Attraction.


“What our revampers have to say about us after revamping their lifestyles.”

Revamp In has indeed revamped my life by nurturing my understanding about financial intelligence. The prime aftermath of it is, delivering an individual who strongly follows his passion without the fear of failure. I am exultant to have learnt from the leaders of Revamp In as they are the guides to success.


Abhinav T

Programmer Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Revamp In marked the beginning of my career as a business angel. It is an eye-opener which brought out my confidence and made me believe in myself. The atmosphere fabricated by the Revampers empowered me to think big and dream big. It renewed my notion on the quality of the global entrepreneurs and gave me a distinct insight about business.


Apoorva N

Business Development Associate

Think & Learn Pvt Ltd. (BYJUS)

The complete experience at Revamp In has elevated my life to a new level and has enriched my mind with a positive ambience. Revamp In educated me about the importance of financial learning and the practical application which has worked wonders for me. A heartfelt thanks to Revamp In.


Manu Vijayan

Associate Test Engineer


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